Am I co-creating exactly the problems that I wish to mend?

Having been an environmental activist for most of my adult life I find myself carrying some pretty bleak images in my head. The overarching narrative is one of unstoppable planetary destruction. In my mind I carry around an idealised…

Last night I went for a walk at about 11pm. Walking in the dark I noticed a wild, four legged friend playing with me. It ran circles around me a few times, sat, looked, sat up, ran a circle closer to me. I joined in playing. I sat, looked, sat…

Activists from around the country come together to rebel, protest and importantly, grieve

Kübler-Ross famously described grief as a process of five stages: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. As a society, we are grieving a dying planet and slowly but surely going through the five stages of this process.

First comes denial. People have been talking about ecological collapse at least since…

Lynne Davis

Exploring the interplay between food, economic, technological & social systems. While earth systems let us.

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